Saturday, 17 February 2018

Nocton And District WI - report

February meeting

Proving that our WI isn’t just about our monthly meetings the vast majority of the business section related to the various trips, talks and competitions coming up in the next few weeks/months. These include, courtesy of the Witham Group, the Annual scrabble night in April, a talk from Judith Hibbert on Musical Entertainment at the Spring meeting also in April and the opportunity to join the Lindum group for a day trip to Stamford which includes a free morning in the town itself and then an afternoon at Tolethorpe Hall Open Air Theatre to watch “School for Scandal”. The Federation meeting in Skegness in March has Phillipa Langley, of Richard the Third fame, as the main speaker and plans are well underway for our entries in this year’s Lincolnshire show. A date and venue for the March Luncheon club is to be circulated soon and team entries encouraged for the ever popular WI quiz in Metheringham.

On display ready for collection were all of the fabulous mugs decorated at the January “Paint your own Mug” meeting returned to us after firing with many being pleasantly surprised at how well their “works of art” had turned out.

The speaker for the evening brought a welcome return of the highly entertaining and knowledgeable Paul Money who this time brought us “The Wonders of the Universe”. We were blessed with a beautiful dark clear sky so before his talk Paul set up a small telescope and those who were brave enough to face the very cold night were treated to views and information relating to Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, the Orion Nebula and Pleiades, more commonly known as the Seven Sisters.

'Orion Nebula' courtesy of

Paul`s talk included amazing slides and mind boggling information about the size, shape and contents of the Universe. Sirius is the brightest star as it is the nearest to us at a mere 8.6 light years away with the Seven Sisters at 400 light years and the Orion Nebula at 11,000. It is thought that there are between 100,000 and 200,000 million stars just in our galaxy , the Milky way, with at least 20 small galaxies around us. One of these, the Andromeda galaxy is moving towards us and within 6-12 billion years is likely to collide with us!

Paul spoke about how and where stars are formed and also how they die, sometimes with massive explosions and sometimes with a sudden collapse. It is also known that our galaxy rotates and that we also rotate within it and some experts now believe that some of the periods of extinction which have happened on earth since its formation are due to how our sun moves and rotates around within the galaxy. As Val stated in her Vote of Thanks to Paul all of these facts and figures are hard to comprehend but do make you realise what a small part of this massive universe we are.

The competition “An Out of this World Cupcake” only brought two entries, one from Maddie and the other from Val. Both were so excellent Paul gave them a joint first prize. The raffle was also won by Maddie.

The programme for next year will be available at the A.G.M. in March and it promises to be a varied and entertaining year for us. The April meeting is a talk from Alison Lark about Andy`s Children’s Hospice followed by an Open meeting in May which brings a talk on and tastings of Horncastle Ales.
Our meetings are always the second Monday of the month, 7,15pm in Nocton Village Hall. Please come along to meet us and see if our WI is for you.

More information is also available on the website at:

Source: Jane Kania - thankyou

Friday, 16 February 2018

Redevelopment of Village Hall - more work to do

Tree Officer still not happy


You may like to refer back to my blog dated 3rd Sep 2017 where I examined the background to the decision to rebuild the Village Hall.

Following attendance at a Parish Council meeting on 12th September, I then provided comment on the withdrawal of the planning application in a blog dated 14 Sep 2017.

I have recently written another blog dated 10 Feb 2018, this time making reference to the protocol for the Parish Council's Extraordinary Meeting relating to 'Redevelopment of Nocton Village Hall'.

Proximity of root areas to the Village Hall

Current position

It is now apparent that despite the resubmission of the planning application [18/0073/FUL], the Tree Officer at North Kesteven District Council still has concerns about the plans. You can review his comments (reproduced below).

Tree Officer
Comment Date: Wed 14 Feb 2018
"Proposal still indicates further incursion into the RPAs (root protection areas) of trees with the establishment of an enlarged ramp. While it is noted that this may be constructed with mini piles etc I am still unconvinced that this will not result in further adversely implicating tree roots.
It is unclear why the side entrance cannot be used for access as discussed at a previous meeting.

Proposed foundations to the north are not above ground and only show a minor consideration to the nominal rooting area of T3. As already mentioned in meetings the rooting areas shown as circles are only considered to be indicative and take no account of the constraints on favourable rooting environments imposed by existing hard surfacing which is likely to result in more roots within the open areas of the proposal site.

There has been no submission of existing building foundation design and therefore no assessment of any potential increase in root loss/damage that may occur as a result on new foundation specifications.

Proposed foundations refer to increase of foundations due to tree root influence and potential ground heave. The existing trees predate the existing building so are highly unlikely to cause any soil movements beyond normal seasonal parameters. Regardless of this there appears to be no investigation of the underlying soils that would show soil structure, plasticity and potential for any tree influence or the need for noted foundations."


If I thought there were difficult issues to be addressed back in Sep 2017, it now seems the plan to increase the footprint of the Village Hall might be a major problem, taking into account the constraints imposed by the protected lime trees.

It is commendable that the Parish Council has doggedly maintained their ambition for a larger brand-new redevelopment of the Village Hall, but if planning permission fails to be obtained for a second time, there will be a valid question as to whether this stance should be maintained.

It therefore remains to be seen whether the difficulties highlighted by the Tree Officer can be overcome... and if not what the remaining options might be for improving Nocton Village Hall.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

200 Club - results

February 2018

The 200 Club draw took place at the WI Open Meeting on 12 February.

Steve Cresswell [166]
Jacqui Fearnley [170]
Janet Goldsworthy [128]
Clodagh West [135]

Next draw: Tuesday 13 March at the Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Neighbourhood Watch - burglaries

Do you know this individual?

Image from CCTV
There have been a number of burglaries recently. Lincolnshire Police have a photograph of this individual, obtained from CCTV near the scene of one such offence on Coronation Crescent in Coleby.

The image was taken on Tuesday 23 January 2018 - if you recognise him or know of his whereabouts, please do not approach the individual, but do telephone Lincolnshire Police on 101 with your information quoting the incident date.

Source: Information provided by Clerk to Nocton Parish Council

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Beeswax Dyson Farming - landscaping

Nocton Estate

I refer to my last blog dated 17 Dec 2017.

Great efforts have been made to retain and integrate the existing vegetation, but much work is underway to improve the landscape of Nocton Estate following the construction of the new farm complex and relief road.

Landscaping the 'relief' road - Cyclone Way
New trees being planted out - Cyclone Way

A programme of thinning and maintenance is being carried out to numerous trees and there is extensive planting of new saplings and mixed hedging whips, not just to help screen and soundproof the new farm complex, but also to provide a haven for wildlife and improve biodiversity. Saplings and hedging are being planted alongside the new farm 'relief' road (Cyclone Way) and wildflower-rich buffer strips have been added too.

Public footpath - maintenance and new planting
New copse, hedging and landscaping the bund
All this work will help improve the ecological enhancement and amenity value of the estate. It will also enhance the public rights of way in the area.

New gates - Wasp's Nest access to Private Road

New gates - Nocton Wood House access to Private Road
Any fencing that has reached the end of its serviceable life is being replaced as well.

Farm complex with triple row of screening and new fencing

Nocton Cricket Club

I refer to my blog dated 14 Nov 2017.

Following approval of the planning application to replace the old cricket pavilion, I am pleased to report that work is now underway to demolish the wooden structure. In time we will see a new pavilion emerge, hopefully to be enjoyed during the forthcoming cricket season.

Nocton Cricket Pavilion - work underway
Feathered visitors in the adjacent field - Greylag geese

Report of the 2017 Season

Nocton Cricket Club review dated 28 Oct 2017.